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Back pain is undoubtedly the number one condition that affects people in the UK, and is one of the most common conditions we treat. It is a debilitating condition that can have a profound and long-lasting effect on people’s lives.

As experienced physiotherapists, we understand the multifaceted challenges that individuals face when dealing with back pain. It is estimated that 2.5 million people in the UK suffer with chronic back pain. This back pain doesn’t just hurt sufferers physically – it can hurt emotionally too. From physical ailments to impacting mood, memory, and relationships, back pain can have a huge impact on your life. 

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The constant discomfort and limited mobility can lead to frustration, anxiety, and a reduced quality of life. Depression, stress and mood swings are just some of the emotional side effects of chronic pain.  

Having treated so many who suffer with the condition, we are acutely aware of how hard life can become with everyday tasks becoming increasingly more difficult to perform. You may also have to refrain from your favourite hobbies and activities as they can be exacerbated by excessive movement. As a result of these limitations, sufferers often have diminished self-esteem as they can feel isolated from their social groups.  

Whether it’s playing sports, gardening, or even taking a leisurely walk, the fear of exacerbating the pain can keep individuals from doing the things they love, and being unable to enjoy their passions can have a detrimental impact on their mental wellbeing.

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For many, the ability to work is compromised when back pain strikes. The pain can make it difficult to sit at a desk for prolonged periods, lift heavy objects, or even stand for too long, which can be particularly challenging for individuals with physically demanding jobs. This can lead to missed workdays, more time spent off sick, and more financial strain on you and your family.  

However, there is a lot more that can be done. It’s common for people to be repeatedly told to live with it, to take stronger pain medication, or to go for surgery as it’s the only solution, but we firmly disagree with that mindset. Generally, people will have pain that’s centrally located in the middle of their back, or they have pain radiating into either side of their buttocks, or even sciatica which radiates down one or both legs.  

It’s common for physiotherapists to solely treat the symptoms rather than address the root cause of the issue. Physios working in the NHS are not afforded the time to provide treatment holistically therefore the cause of your back pain may be left undiagnosed, free to flare up again soon after treatment ends. 

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For long-term success, muscle imbalances and joint stiffness must be addressed with expert hands-on techniques. Here at T4 Physio, we treat every patient as an individual rather than just a number and take our time to explain your specific back pain and how it can be treated. This sharing of knowledge and information will allow individuals to perform targeted exercises at home to continue their progress outside of the physio clinic, speeding up the recovery process.   

We initially engage in discussions with patients to understand their symptoms and concerns about how back pain is impacting their lives while also determining their goals and achievable directions so we can create a personalised plan to work towards together. We then conduct a comprehensive evaluation aimed at uncovering contributing factors such as postural problems, muscle imbalances and joint inflammation that could also be adding to the pain.

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