Adam’s journey

Adam’s journey

“I first went to T4 in March of 2020 when I needed a new physio. Right from th me very first appointment I felt I was in good hands. Nash took a full history from me and did a thorough physical check and tests. He then explained how he thought he could help, the process, what he would focus on at each stage and what he needed me to do to help myself.

On day 1 I could barely walk, had been in unbearable pain for 12 months, was popping tablets 4 times a day, had been off work for 3 months and just needed urgent help!

We started with three sessions a week focussing on reducing pain and increasing range of motion. As time went on and my symptoms eased we reduced the number of sessions per week and moved from easing pain to the recovery phase and trying to strengthen areas of concern.

Over the course of several months, three times a week session reduced to once a week. At this stage and when I was out of day to day pain this reduced again to “as and when” sessions for maintenance.

The big step for me has been the change from “physio” (massage, stretching, acupuncture etc.) to sessions in the gym. If someone had told me 18 months ago I would be back squatting, deadlifting and doing leg press I would never have believed it. But with the guidance and support of T4 I am in the gym 5 times a week, lifting weights, doing spin classes and most importantly…living a normal life!!

The impact T4 Physio has had on my life is honestly incredible. Friends and family are amazed at the level of my recovery, the weight I have lost and the level of physical activity I can now do.
For anyone who thinks they’ve tried everything and have no where left to turn my advice would be to head to T4 Physio and feel the benefits!!!”

If you have pain that is stopping you from doing your day to day activities we may be able to help you too, book in with us for a free consultation.  Please call Sue our lovely front desk superstar on 033017 59838 or email  to book your free 15 minute assessment.

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