Meet Jo

Meet Jo

Jo came to T4 Physio in June last year with chronic backpain.  It was incredibly difficult for her to walk, sit and even sleep, on a pain scale of 1 to 10 she was definitely a 10.  After an assessment by one of our Physios, we discovered the root cause of Jo’s pain was not actually coming from her back, her alignment was wrong and the way she walked was aggravating her symptoms, all of the pain was connected to her feet.

We started on Jo’s treatment straight away, which immediately released some of the pressure and reduced the level of pain that she was in.  After a course of treatment, which involved hands-on treatment, dry needling and exercises which were recommended and done at home and in the clinic Jo felt better but was still in a certain amount of pain.  She noticed that the pain would build up in between sessions, she would feel an improvement immediately after her treatment but the pain would build up before the next session was due, and Jo thought weekly physiotherapy might be the only option for her!

Then, we recommended that Jo would benefit from some custom made orthotics, these were made to fit and support the individual arches and curves of her feet, since then she has never looked back!

Jo wears her insoles every time she is exercising, walking her dog and they live in her trainers so she is constantly getting the support she needs, the only time she removes them is to put them in her hiking boots when she goes for a hike.  Since using the orthotics Jo has no back pain, no hip pain, she can enjoy the things she loves like walking her dogs and she can sleep!

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