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Who Is Nash Danga, Boltons Leading Physiotherapist?

Nash Danga is the proud owner of T4 Physio. Originally from Zimbabwe, he grew up in Cambridge, with football being the one key constant love for Nash growing up and into his adulthood. Nash played football at a very high level until he sustained an injury which effectively ended any hopes of playing professionally. Nash is a huge football fan, faithfully supporting Manchester United, and loves to be active, spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors. He enjoys walking and hiking and loves to visit various scenic locations across the UK, especially the Lake District.

In terms of family life, Nash has two beautiful children and a wife, Bernadette, who is a pharmacist. His daughter, Talia Rose, is three and his son, Caleb, is one.

Nash’s journey as a physiotherapist started not long after his semi-professional football career ended following an injury sustained to his hip and knee. He found comfort in the rehab he went through and loved learning about how the body works from his physiotherapist. This experience propelled Nash into pursuing a career in physiotherapy and eventually opening his own clinic, T4 Physio.

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Since the launch of T4 Physio, Nash’s business has gone from strength to strength to where he now has two clinics, with his original practice located in Bolton and his second in Kearsley. Opening in 2018, his motivation for founding a private practice was to help others who had sustained injuries, whether that was caused by sports or something that came on when doing something seemingly innocuous such as walking the dog, for example. 

Nash’s grandmother was a huge inspiration for opening T4 Physio. She was 101 when she passed away and Nash learnt a lot of the secrets to living a long, healthy and happy life from his grandmother. He was determined to implement these secrets in his own life and help others live an active life too, free from pain. 

Nash started T4 Physio from his house, operating as a mobile practice. He has since scaled his practice to cater for thousands of people in the Bolton area. Helping as many people as possible is what really drives Nash and his team.  

Nash Danga is passionate about helping people live an active lifestyle, reduce chronic pain medication usage, and help people stay independent. He is a trusted, well-respected and highly skilled physiotherapist with an excellent track record of success and an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients. Nash is also a columnist, regularly featuring in the Bolton and Bury newspaper, and is a well-known developing businessman in the local community.

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