Orthotics with Soul!

Orthotics with Soul!

Orthotics with Soul!
Custom Made for you by people who care and are genuiunely committed to your health!
Custom Orthotics can help you get back to living and moving without pain.
Loss of mobility means losing your quality of life. It can be the result of a variety of causes like arthritis, stroke, injury or misalignment. Custom Orthotics can provide a solution.

Now You Can Get All The Support And Comfort You Need… With No Shoe Crowding, No Heel Slip and NO HASSLE!

All custom orthotics (foot supports) are custom made to suit your particular foot problem and relieve foot pain. It is vital that the orthotics are chosen in consultation with our foot care specialists, who evaluate requirements based on and in conjunction with your personal needs (the shoes you wear, how much walking you do etc.).

Custom-made orthotics (the type we provide) are manufactured from a 3-D image of your foot (from a laser scanner) using raw materials.When appropriately prescribed and custom-made for you, orthotics can decrease pain, not only in your feet, but more commonly in other parts of the body, such as your knees, hips and lower back.

Here is what some of our clients have to say

“I wear them in my work shoes and trainers and find the difference they make to my back amazing!”
Adam Postlethwaite

“Since using my orthotics I have no back pain, no hip pain, I can walk my dogs and I can sleep!”

“I have been fitted with insoles, which not only improved my posture, enables me to walk further distances and enjoy my social life, Dancing, Swimming, and going to the Gym”
David Bowden


“My injuries were due to long term incorrect posture a small discrepancy in leg length and long term moving lifting and handling at work (over 30 years nursing ) Nash immediately identified the problems  that I had and set about correcting them with deep muscle physio acupuncture ultra sound and heat treatment.  He recommended orthopaedic insoles and has worked with me to get them to be comfortable and to fit well”
Susan Forster

If you want the best, custom made orthotic shoe inserts, then call us on 033017 59838 and speak to our team to arrange an assessment.

In this assessment, we will discuss your specific problems, and identify the best route to easing your pain in a quick, natural, and drug-free way. If we feel that your feet are a contributing factor, we may recommend orthotics.

The next step would be for us to scan each foot which enables the lab to create your custom made shoe inserts. The scanning process shouldn’t cause any discomfort, and uses the latest technology to ensure the best results.  Once we have the 3d image of your feet a bespoke prescription is made and then our innovative in-clinic printing system will print your custom made orthotic insoles right there in our Bolton Clinic, so they will be ready for you within days!

If you want to see if custom made orthotic insoles could benefit you contact us on 033017 59838 or email info@t4physio.com to find out more.

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