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Our aim is to help those aged 40+ to stay active and independent.

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Want Help to Decide if Physio is Right For You?

As Bolton’s best physio, we specialise in targeting the root cause of the problem, to banish pain for good. Our expert therapists will assess, diagnose, and recommend the best course of treatment for any injury or chronic pain. We can even help with easing the symptoms of long- term health issues and reduce the risk of surgery.

Are you still unsure if we can help?

You may have had physiotherapy before, or on the other hand be completely new to the experience, with T4 Physio you can be guaranteed a professional and individual service, designed to benefit your health needs.

We actively listen to all our patients and have built a successful clinic with thousands of happy clients in and out of the doors since 2018. Our values are based around holistic physical therapy, and ensuring we treat the problem in its entirety, whilst listening to you. We recognise the importance of future prevention as well as cure, and that’s why we offer a range of packages to help you improve your movement functions or even continue with regular maintenance massage.

Here at T4 our philosophy is to listen, liaise and act. We always take on board your thoughts and feelings and promise to educate you on remaining free from pain and living the life you love!

Do you still need help to decide if Physio is right for You?

Note: there is no treatment given at one of our taster sessions. It’s an opportunity for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.


Nash is a published author and his health advice has been consumed all over the North West. He literally “wrote the book” on Discover the Secrets of Ageing Well and Staying Active. This Book is essential reading for people age 40 plus.

Nash’s Book “Discover the The Secrets to Ageing Well and Staying Active” is Available on Amazon 

Not sure if you need a Physio?

Book a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation

Whether you have a burning question about musculoskeletal injury or you just want to find out what physio is about then book a free 15 minutes telephone consultation or drop in to book. If there is no response when you call then please leave a voice message with your name/contact number & allow 72 hours for a call back.

Try a FREE taster session

You can book a free taster assessment/examination and this gives you the opportunity to ask any burning questions and find more about services, free of charge.
Please note no treatment will be given in the free taster session it is only a consultation to help you decide if you are skeptical/nervous about the benefits of physiotherapy treatment

What services do we offer?

Physiotherapy Treatments

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Podiatry Services

At T4 Physio we work closely with a Podiatrist and Foothealth clinic to produce bespoke orthotics/insoles.....

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Digital Care Physiotherapy Services

T4 Physio are now offering ONLINE physiotherapy services which means we can use the latest digital technology.....

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