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Our aim is to help those aged 40+ to stay active and independent.

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Welcome to T4 Physio

Here at T4 Physio clinic we are in the business of positively transforming thousands of lives particularly for individuals aged 40 plus seeking to stay active and independent. We take pride in our excellent track record of many satisfied customers who have witnessed an increase in quality of life, mobility and reduced pain levels.

Are you new to Physio?

Unlike your traditional NHS physiotherapy experience with a long waiting list and limited appointment slots, at T4 Physio we guarantee you a pleasant journey while we transform your health forever. So what is physiotherapy at T4 Physio? Well we are a team of health experts trained to help you to keep active and independent so you can do the things you love and live life abundantly

What to expect from us:

  • Genuine interest in your problem from the beginning to the end
  • Immediate access to appointment (online booking available)
  • Our team of experts will give you simple explanation of your injury in words you understand
  • Encourage you to become a “patient-expert” which means you can learn what to do at home to help yourself stay active and independent.

To find more about our services including costs, availability or to arrange a free discovery call/session then click the button below to complete an enquiry form and we will contact you shortly.

Nash is a published author and his health advice has been consumed all over the North West. He literally “wrote the book” on Discover the Secrets of Ageing Well and Staying Active. This Book is essential reading for people age 40 plus.

Nash’s Book “Discover the The Secrets to Ageing Well and Staying Active” is Available on Amazon 

Not sure if you need a Physio?

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Whether you have a burning question about musculoskeletal injury or you just want to find out what physio is about then book a free 15 minutes telephone consultation or drop in to book. If there is no response when you call then please leave a voice message with your name/contact number & allow 72 hours for a call back.

Try a FREE taster session

You can book a free taster assessment/examination and this gives you the opportunity to ask any burning questions and find more about services, free of charge.
Please note no treatment will be given in the free taster session it is only a consultation to help you decide if you are skeptical/nervous about the benefits of physiotherapy treatment

What services do we offer?

Physiotherapy Treatments

Check out our full range of physiotherapy services are available at our clinic and at workplace....

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Podiatry Services

At T4 Physio we work closely with a Podiatrist and Foothealth clinic to produce bespoke orthotics/insoles.....

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Digital Care Physiotherapy Services

T4 Physio are now offering ONLINE physiotherapy services which means we can use the latest digital technology.....

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