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Physiotherapy Treatments

You’ll be welcomed by one of our friendly front desk team, and fill out a short form just to give us some information on your current health and any underlying conditions. This is completely confidential and won’t be shared!

Your therapist will take you through to a private treatment room and discuss the concern you have, you will be asked to remove any clothing which is a barrier to treatment so remember to wear/bring some shorts if it’s your knee or a vest if it’s your shoulder etc.

If you require a female therapist for comfort, culture or religious reasons please don’t hesitate to ask when you book with us.

Your physio will explain the course of treatment and price, and what improvements they’d expect to see over a certain timeline. Once agreed, your treatment can continue!

Quite often, any pain in the lower limbs can be related to the foot, so your physio may ask you to stand on a force-plate which checks the distribution of pressure through your feet, in order to further assist with diagnosis.

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