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With an estimated 80% of adults over 55 having osteoarthritis, it’s a very common condition we frequently encounter in our clinic. It’s the most prevalent form of arthritis in older populations, however, that does not mean younger people are immune. The likelihood of developing the condition increases if you have sustained joint injuries or have a family history of the condition.  

Osteoarthritis affects the joints, causing pain, stiffness and reduced movement and is caused by the gradual breakdown of cartilage. As the cartilage wears away, bones begin to rub against each other, leading to pain, swelling, and stiffness.

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We are aware of the impact osteoarthritis has on daily life, with those suffering from the condition experiencing debilitating pain which can make simple activities like walking, climbing stairs, or even gripping objects challenging. At T4 Physio, we treat patients who have seen a reduction in mobility, which has led to other health problems. The pain can make it difficult to continue living an active lifestyle or even maintain their independence. 

Therefore, it’s not just the physical impact osteoarthritis can have on an individual but also the emotional impact of feeling anxious, frustrated and isolated. Many of our patients value their active social lives as it can provide the opportunity to spend time with their friends. Osteoarthritis can take this away from people. For many, these physical limitations can lead to withdrawal and even depression as they struggle to cope with the loss of their previous capabilities.

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While there is no cure for the condition, various treatment options can help alleviate symptoms and improve joint function, making osteoarthritis a more manageable chronic condition that doesn’t severely restrict your life. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan that includes educational advice on how lifestyle changes can improve the condition, a targeted treatment plan of physiotherapy – the kind that T4 Physio can offer – and an exercise routine to maintain joint function and capability.  

These aforementioned exercises often focus on strengthening the muscles that support the joints, improving flexibility and overall fitness. In addition to exercise, we can also provide knowledge on proper body mechanics and joint protection techniques to help people perform daily activities more safely and efficiently.

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Too often, medications are prescribed to tackle osteoarthritis, however these painkillers simply mask the pain and only work for short periods. Stronger painkillers are then prescribed which can cause addiction and is not good for your body in the long-term. Is this the treatment route you wish to take? At T4 Physio, we don’t believe this is the only way to treat osteoarthritis and have proven this, successfully relieving the pain of hundreds of sufferers through natural treatments.

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