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Knee pain is a condition that we at T4 Physio focus on heavily. In fact, T4 Physio owner Nash Danga is a knee specialist who started honing his skills in the knee joint when he had the privilege of treating the stars of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

From treating a lot of knee-related injuries, Nash found that a lot of the problems were stemming from the lower body, particularly the feet. This is one of the reasons why we now use a gait analysis scan as it really focuses on what’s happening below the body, which can impact areas further up the kinetic chain. Simple activities like walking can put huge pressure on the knees if your feet are not aligned with the rest of your body or cause imbalances in some way. In turn, knee pain can then impact the rest of the body due to compensation patterns that are often adopted to alleviate pain. The fact that the foot and the hip are a large distance away from the knee means that small changes in those joints have a big impact on the knee, and vice versa.

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For those of you who lead very active social lives, knee pain has massive implications as it can interfere with your family and romantic relationships. People with knee pain often miss social events because they’re in too much pain to attend them. Similar to the way that chronic pain and poor sleep work as a vicious cycle, so does chronic pain and limited social activity. If a person is in pain, they don’t always have the ability or desire to leave and socialise. This results in feelings of isolation and detachment, and can put strain on relationships.    

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Nash’s expertise in treating knee pain is rooted in his understanding of these challenges. He specialises in developing personalised treatment plans that target the specific causes of knee pain, whether it’s related to injury, arthritis, or other conditions. 

By focusing on strengthening and restoring flexibility to the knee joint, Nash helps patients regain their independence, return to an active lifestyle, and live life to the fullest without the limitations knee pain. causes.

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