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5 Benefits of Physiotherapy for the Elderly

Physiotherapy is a proven method of recovery for those who have experienced an injury, helping people to recover safely by practicing mobility and isolated exercises on the affected area. Exercise is important for all ages, but as we get older and are more likely to experience a fall, visiting a qualified physiotherapist can have many benefits.

As an experienced team of physiotherapists specialising in recovery for older patients, T4 Physio have put together a list of 5 key benefits of physiotherapy for the elderly

Improved Recovery

Building strength and flexibility through physiotherapy treatments aids in recovery greatly, helping patients to regain their mobility. Physio isn’t just for athletes – it can help people of all ages restore or maintain movement and balance, especially the elderly who may not be able to do regular exercise due to health issues.

Treatment of Pain

Ongoing support for elderly people recovering from injuries or treatment is not something that the NHS can always offer, which is why choosing a specialist physiotherapy company is a step towards maintaining independence and getting treatments for any ongoing pain. Physiotherapy is an excellent way for older people to manage and treat common aches and pains such as poor circulation, stiffness, and joint pain.

Peace of Mind

Gaining confidence in movement through physiotherapy is a fantastic tool which can benefit an elderly patient considerably. Strengthening the muscles around an injured area gives elderly patients both the mental confidence and physical strength to continue with their day-to-day lives without the fear of further injury.

Improved Self Esteem

As an older person, being in pain or not feeling fit enough to enjoy activities like walks can be hugely detrimental to their mental health. Having the confidence through physiotherapy to maintain independence is great for your social wellbeing, and the interaction between patient and physiotherapist is also an activity that the patient can look forward to, which is especially important for those who have been less socially active due to an injury.

Maintaining Independence

Being able to recover at home following an operation or treatment helps older people to retain their independence, a quality which is greatly valued. Through physiotherapy, the elderly are able to build strength and confidence, allowing them to continue with their social activities such as visiting the supermarket or going to see friends and family.

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