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7 Ways To Live With Less Neck/Shoulder Pain

  1. Avoid laying your head on more than two pillows
    It is possible to get neck/shoulder pain if you sleep on too many pillows as this can cause neck/shoulder stiffness. Make sure the pillow is not too thick that your head tilts to one side but it offers adequate support during your sleep that you do not wake up with stiff/painful neck/shoulder.

  1. Poor posture
    It is important to maintain good posture when sit or stand. The natural posture position is when your head is not protruding forward but in line with your shoulders. Avoid rounding your shoulders forward by squeezing your shoulder blades together. This will reduce muscle tension/pain in the upper neck and shoulder, and it will allow you to sit/stand for prolonged periods comfortably.

  1. Wear a Posture Brace/ use Taping
    A posture brace is good to use to ensure your head, neck and shoulders remain in a natural position and not rounded forward. You can buy the posture brace online (amazon is a good place to start). Taping is also useful to keep your muscles in a natural position so if you maintain poor posture then the tape will act as a reminder to keep a natural position.

  1. Reduce Stress Level
    It is very difficult if not impossible to completely avoid stress however we should manage it and minimise it when possible. If not managed correctly then stress can cause the body to hormone release the “stress hormone” called cortisol which can result in muscle tension. We can help you discover your stress reliefers.

  1. Un-resolved previous Whiplash Injury to the neck/shoulder
    If you have been involved in recent car accident or whiplash injury for the past 5 years then it is possible to still have ongoing neck/shoulder pain and tension headaches.  Your muscles might be weak or you may have “trigger points” which are tension spots around your neck and upper back giving you pain/tension or even tension headaches.

  1. Complete Daily Neck/shoulders exercises
    Personalised neck /shoulder flexibility and strength exercises program is ideal for maintenance and prevention of muscle tightness/pain. We offer bespoke video-based exercises for you to complete in the comfort of your home.

  1. Book a FREE 30 Minutes Consultation at T4 Physio to get tips more self-management tips
    At T4 Physio we pride in educating our patients on what is actually wrong with them in words they understand and then explain the personalised treatment plan. The first session is FREE because we want to make sure YOU make the right decision if physiotherapy treatment is the best option for you.  Contact us today to book your FREE session on 01204 576804 or email info@t4physio.com.
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