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Let’s Talk- Mental Health in 2023

During the Pandemic, metal health and exercise was a hot topic of conversation, with everyone in the same strange situation it was a great time to talk about any worries or anxiety about the future. For many with a history of mental health issues it was a time they felt seen and the community came together to offer support and suggest ways to boost endorphins and keep smiling in tough and unprecedented times.

But what about after the pandemic?

After the restrictions lifted and life returned to normal, shops, restaurants and public transport became full of bodies again and the rat race returned. Some felt left behind, with no complete  conclusion to the story or no official signal that the world was ‘safe again’, their activity levels had dwindled and it became hard for them to step outside.

It is widely known that physical activity and exercise, even getting outside and absorbing Vitamin D is crucial for mental health maintenance and improvement, unfortunately that last thing you want to do when you feel low is drag yourself outside!

As a community healthcare hub, we see the impact of lack of movement on the mental health of our clients, and we have a few tips to help you look after your mindset and boost your mood!

  • Eat well and vary your diet! Plenty of fruit and veg will help you stay alert and feel energised. Stodgy foods, as much as they feel comforting will make you feel sluggish. Of course, have a treat day and a little but of what you fancy, but try new fruits and spice up your salads with some nuts, olives, chillies or seeds.
  • Get out in the garden or just take a morning walk! Spending a little time outdoors in the fresh air during the morning, will give you a change of scenery and help your breathing and circulation. Just a small amount of movement will hep you feel energised and get your blood pumping.
  • Get a walking buddy or join up with a local group or sports facility! Check social media for any walking clubs or outdoor activities running in your area.
  • Take up a hobby or look into cycling if you’re the type of person who gets bored walking or running, or find cardiovascular exercise a chore.

The human body is made to move: Here at T4 we can help you improve your quality of life through movement and physical therapy.

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