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Why Do My Joints Click?

Clicking joints is something that concerns many of us, but what is the cause of it and why does it happen?  

A joint that decides to ‘pop’ or make a clicking sound can sometimes feel worrying, especially as you get older.  We have all moved at least once and felt our joints making a clicking noise whether this was in your knees, back, shoulders, or even knuckles.  The main thing to understand is that, more often than not, these noises are common and come along with the inevitable consequence of growing older.

Chances are that if you’re 50+, clicks and pops might even be one of the first sounds that you hear when you get out of bed on a morning, and it’s likely that you’ll hear your knees creaking or clicking when you bend your legs too.

Why Do My Joints Make Noise?

Our joints make noises when the bubbles in the fluid that lubricates our joints pop, or when our bones rub against one another.  Joint sounds can come and go depending on your posture, position, and how you move around… the bottom line is that joints simply can make a sound. 

Knee Joints Clicking

The knee joint is probably one of the more popular places for our joints to click…

We move around every single day, and it’s your knees’ job to act like a cushion that protects your body by absorbing the shock it receives each time your foot hits the floor.  Every day walking, jogging, playing golf, bowling, or enjoying a simple stroll can be a lot of impact for your knees to take over the years.  As a result, the protective cartilage (the cushion I spoke about) can begin to wear down, which causes the clicking noises to start as your joints rub together.

Knuckles Clicking

I’m sure we’ve all seen someone cracking their knuckles before… and I’m also sure that you’ve heard the old wives tale of it causing arthritis.  Cracking your knuckles can annoy the people around you, but it probably won’t increase your risk for arthritis.  When you crack your knuckles, the sound is coming from compressed bubbles that develop in the spaces of your points… remember that fluid we spoke about? 

How Can I Stop My Joints From Clicking?

There isn’t one single reason why your joints will be clicking as much as they do, but there is one major solution that I recommend – keep moving.  

Pretty simple, I know.  

The more you move, the more you lubricate your joints. 

Regular movement and exercise is ideal to keep your joints healthy, this is because it allows fluid to move around them and stops them from clicking as much.

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