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3 Quick Tips To Fix Heel Pain For People Who Love Golf, Football And Tennis

Whether you’re a footballer, tennis player, or golfer, heel pain can ruin your performance, your fun, and even stop you from playing altogether.

For footballers and tennis players, jumping, frequent changes of direction and lots of running means that foot and ankle injuries can flare up relatively easily.

And while golf is potentially less demanding than other sports, we regularly see people who aren’t able to walk the golf course without their feet hurting. Others struggle to drive as far as they’d like off the tee because they struggle to push through their feet.

But what are the common reasons for heel pain in people who love to play sports?

And what can you do to fix heel pain without relying on pills to mask the pain, or doing less of what you love?

Understanding Why Your Heel Is Hurting

Your heel is designed to absorb the shock of your walking, running, and jumping.

And the stress on your feet can be 1  1/4 times your body weight when walking, and 2 3/4 when running!

So your heel is taking a lot of punishment if you are spending hours walking on the golf course or playing a full 90 minutes of football on a weekend.

In most cases, heel pain is a mechanic injury, as a result of small but repetitive injuries that are happening at a faster rate than your body can heal them.

That’s why people who suffer from heel pain usually experience a gradual increase in pain, soreness, and discomfort over time.

And why it’s important to get expert help to fully recover when you notice your heel flaring up.

If you ignore it…

It gets worse as you place the same demands on a worsening heel.

3 Quick Tips To Avoid Heel Pain

If you’re just noticing heel pain becoming a problem, these 4 quick tips may help relieve the soreness, and avoid it taking over your life.

Pay Attention To Footwear When Heel Pain Strikes 

If you notice that your heel pain is worse when wearing certain footwear, avoid them for a while.

Footwear is a common cause of foot, ankle, and heel pain.

And it makes sense.

Your footwear should protect and support your feet, but often people select their footwear purely by appearance or don’t replace them when they’re worn out.

To help you, we’ve put together a FREE special report – The 13 Most Dangerous Footwear Issues – which shares the problem with a variety of footwear choices, and provides advice on how to end your foot, ankle, and heel pain fast!

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Avoid Walking On Hard Surfaces

Many people enjoy getting home after a busy day on their feet and taking off their shoes and socks.

But walking barefoot, especially on hard surfaces like laminate flooring, is a big mistake if you have a history of heel pain.

When you do this, your foot has absolutely no support or cushioning, so the muscles of your feet which may already be fatigued and sore from a busy day, are going to suffer.

So opt for slippers, or something that provides the cushioning and support your feet need.

Visit A Specialist If Foot, Ankle, And Heel Pain

As the leading physiotherapy clinic in Bolton, we have a reputation for unrivaled success with our patients.

And one reason for this is that we can deliver hands-on, natural treatments for fast pain relief.

At our clinic, you can also learn about our custom-made orthotics which are insoles that fit inside your current footwear to provide your foot with the additional support it is desperate for.

We have many athletes and sports lovers, both professional and amateur, who have visited our clinic with injuries and been able to make quick recoveries.

But more importantly, people who visit us get LONG TERM relief from pain.

Because we appreciate how frustrating it can be when you sense your aches and soreness returning!

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