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Digital Care Physiotherapy Services

T4 Physio are now offering ONLINE physiotherapy services which means we can use the latest digital technology platforms to deliver high standard care to you in the comfort of your home, office or ANYWHERE!

We can still reach out to you and offer the same injury diagnoses, advice/education, reassurance and exercise/rehab prescription as a face to face appointment, if not better!

Advantages of Digital Care

😊 Convenience 

😊 Digital record of your Initial Assessment/examination  

😊 Video based Yoga/Pilates, rehab exercise prescription  

😊 Reduce risk of contracting Covid-19 

😊Remote access ANYWHERE! 

Everybody loves convenience, whether you are a busy mum or a business executive with limited time then digital care is perfect for you.  

Unlike a face to face assessment, digital care offers you the option to use other online apps to assess your level of function at the start of the treatment and compare the improvement at the end of the treatment.   

Instead of travelling to Yoga/Pilates classes; personalised classes are delivered to you in the comfort of your own home.  

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, staying at home while receiving the same physiotherapy treatments as you would face to face will reduce your risk of contracting the virus.  

If hands-on treatment is required, then you be will educated on what you need to do using latest physiotherapy equipment/tools.  

Remote access from anywhere means even if you have an injury on holiday or abroad you can still receive treatment, advice and reassurance. 

We have highly trained experts on telehealth to guide you through the call and make you feel comfortable during your consultation. Our experts are trained to recognise certain conditions or injuries that require hands-on treatment by a health professional or further investigations and point you in the right direction.   

Are you still unsure?

Are you finding yourself unsure and not convinced about Digital Care Physiotherapy Services? Well you are NOT ALONE. We have put together 9 Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Care Physiotherapy Services to help you make an informed decision.

Click here to Download 6 Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Health Care


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