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Allow your goals not your age to define you!

Graham is a Deputy Manager for a local Shopping Centre and he is 51 years old.  He first met Nash from T4 Physio approximately 5 years ago when we helped Graham to successfully overcome a condition called Scalp Neuralgia that Graham was suffering with. Scalp, or Occipital neuralgia is a painful condition that occurs when the occipital nerves that run from the top of your spine to your scalp are compressed or irritated.  This can result in throbbing, aching pain or sharp, electric-like pain that typically starts where the back of your head meets your neck, pain that radiates to one side of your head, down your neck and/or back or pain behind your eye for example. 

Since then we have stayed in touch with Graham and we are now partnering with Graham to work with him to achieve his health and fitness goals.  He wants to level up at the gym and we are working closely with him so that he can achieve his goals but minimise the risk of flaring up any old reoccurring mobility injuries or causing new injuries by pushing himself too hard!!

Here is Graham’s story in his own words:

“My name is Graham Bentley and I will be 52 in June.

I met Nash from T4 Physio around 5 years ago and he helped me overcome Scalp Neuralgia, which was an ongoing symptom of a neck vertebrae injury I’d suffered in my thirties.

I love going to the gym coupled with mountain biking, which I have just began. My daily gym workouts focus on medium to high intensity functional strength and conditioning, core training and aerobic exercises.

I have quite a demanding and often pressurised job, but find working out really helps to unload and clear my head. I am also a competitive person so enjoy working towards achieving a variety of strength, endurance and fitness goals which is highly rewarding, especially at my advancing age.

I am a huge advocate of healthy living, regular exercise and frequent, targeted musculoskeletal maintenance, which T4 Physio specialise on providing.

I totally believe this approach helps prevent and overcome short term and long term mental health and physical health related problems. For me, the gym is an essential, life style choice and a much better overall alternative than the chemist!”

Are you like Graham? Do you want to improve your health and fitness levels?  Do you have fitness goals you want to achieve?  Do you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce your reliance on pain medication?  Are you 50+ and want to keep fit and healthy?

We can help you to do all of this and more!  Contact us to enquire about our Physio led 1-1 Physical training sessions!  Call us now on 033017 59838 or email info@t4physio.com to find out more

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