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Do I Need Shoe Inserts?

Are you suffering with agonising knee, neck and shoulder or back pain which keeps coming back without any apparent cause?

The problem, surprisingly, might be caused by your feet!

Fortunately, there is a natural, drug-free pain relief solution which could be perfect for you – Orthotic shoe inserts.

You might have seen shoe inserts online, in your local supermarket, or at a shoe retailer, and in this blog article we will cover some common questions that we get asked about them such as:

  • What are orthotic shoe inserts?
  • Who needs orthotic shoe inserts?
  • What type of orthotic shoe inserts are available?
  • Do I need orthotic shoe inserts?

What Are Orthotic Shoe Inserts?

Orthotic shoe inserts are used for a variety of reasons, but primarily, they are a device designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position.

They simply fit into your shoes and allow for more normalized weight distribution throughout your body, significantly reducing your pain and discomfort and helping to prevent injuries.

If your feet are currently in an incorrect position this can cause muscle imbalances and overuse of muscles – commonly the knee, hips or lower back muscles, which then take the responsibility of helping to properly align your body.

A big benefit of using orthotic shoe inserts is that they are very easy to use, and they can be an extremely powerful tool for natural pain relief.

Who Needs Orthotic Shoe Inserts?

There are lots of people who have visited our clinic and benefitted from the orthotic shoe inserts we offer such as people with:

  • Plantar Fasciitis or other foot conditions
  • Heel pain
  • Flat feet
  • High foot arches
  • Arthritis
  • Previous injuries to their lower legs
  • Jobs that involve lots of walking, or standing
  • Ankle, knee, hip, back or neck and shoulder pain (these could all be caused by foot imbalances)

If you have arthritis in your feet, or recognise that you walk with your feet turned out, our custom made orthotic shoe inserts could be a powerful tool to help you ease the imbalances, which would ease muscle tightness and provide pain relief.

What Types Of Orthotic Shoe Inserts Are Available?

Orthotic shoe inserts can be purchased “off the shelf” from lots of places; your supermarket, shoe retailer, or online, and these will be made in a handful of sizes.

The problem with “off the shelf” orthotic shoe inserts is that they are generic, and not customised to your specific foot structure and therefore they are very unlikely to provide the correct support you need to fix your imbalances, and ease muscle pain.

In fact, buying “off the shelf” may actually make the problem WORSE!

The alternative is to get custom made orthotic shoe inserts, which are what we provide at T4 Physio

These shoe inserts are 100% custom made, and built for your feet which ensures that your foot position and weight distribution is correct, and in turn, the muscles which are currently causing you pain (and are overworked, and tight) are in less demand.

And now for the answer to the big question…

“Do I Need Shoe Inserts?”

One quick test which you can do at home is to squat down in front of a mirror with bare feet, and look at how your body responds. If you notice that one, or both of your feet roll in, then this is an indication that you have issues with your foot, which is likely to have a knock-on effect to your ankles, knees, hip and lower back further up the body.

It is also very likely that each foot will respond different, and require different support. That is why custom made orthotic shoe inserts are the best solution, as opposed to generic, off the shelf shoe inserts.

Ultimately, the best way that we can help you determine if your knee, back or neck and shoulder pain is caused by issues with your feet is to visit us in the clinic.

How To Get The Best Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts In The North West

If you are frustrated with long term aches and pains which are stopping you from doing the things you love:

  • Playing football with the grandchildren,
  • Taking the dogs for a walk, and
  • Enjoying your summer holidays without having to rely on painkillers…

And your tight muscles and stiff joints are making your everyday life a challenge:

  • Difficulty getting in and out of the car,
  • Struggling to walk up the stairs, and
  • Finding the weekly shop more difficult each week…

Then we are here to help!

If you want the best, custom made orthotic shoe inserts, then call us on 033017 59838 and speak to our team to arrange an assessment.

In this assessment, we will discuss your specific problems, and identify the best route to easing your pain in a quick, natural, and drug-free way. If we feel that your feet are a contributing factor, we may recommend orthotics.

The next step would be for us to scan each foot which enables the lab to create your custom made shoe inserts. The scanning process shouldn’t cause any discomfort, and uses the latest technology to ensure the best results.

If you want to see if custom made orthotic insoles could benefit you contact us on 033017 59838 or email info@t4physio.com to find out more.

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