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Why do I need to see a Physio if I’m not in Pain?

It is a common myth and misconception that you only need to see a Physiotherapist if you are in pain. Let us explain why that is incorrect.

Why go to see a Physio if you’re not in pain though?

Good question, let us tell you why. Physio services aren’t only for people who are in pain or those with a medical condition. Over the past few years, we have seen a transition in the private physiotherapy sector, whereby a number of patients attending our clinic are actually pain free. Some services offered at private physiotherapy practices are targeted around injury prevention, performance, health and wellbeing.

A proactive approach to your health and body is important. Not only does it help to reduce the risk of injury, but it also helps to improve your quality of life through interventions which allow you to move freely and efficiently and could help you to live longer!  Daily habits and lifestyle choices often cause postural changes, which can lead to repetitive stress and strain on the body, this can cause stiffness and may lead to pain. Physiotherapy can be an intervention which can prevent the stiffness by correcting posture prior to the onset of pain.

Good Posture

An approach based around injury prevention and regular maintenance treatment is often cheaper and has less impact on your life. On average an episode of back pain lasts for 8-12 weeks. Often back pain can be restrictive and can impact work and hobbies for 4- 6 weeks. Time out from work can be costly and time away from hobbies can have huge impacts on your physical and mental health and wellbeing. A prevention approach can help to reduce the risk of all the above and help to save you money in the long run.

A large percentage of the population are living healthy lifestyles and exercising regularly, with this we have seen a huge increase in participation in amateur sport. The increase in participation has brought with it healthy competition and a desire for people to better themselves at their chosen sport. Physiotherapy services can help these individuals to improve their performance.

1-1 Physio led training

There are a number of services offered at T4 Physio that are aimed to benefit patients who aren’t necessarily in pain, these include GAIT analysis, Sports Massage and 1 on 1 physio led personal training for example.  All of these services help our clients to take a proactive approach to injuries and pain.

Sports Massage is a service offered, aimed to help reduce the risk of injury. Sports massages are used when clients are looking to reduce muscular tightness, which can lead to injury along with aiding recovery. They help to improve blood circulation which helps to increase healing and recovery. An increased blood flow increases the oxygen and nutrients provided to muscles that may be damaged after exercise. Sports massages help to reduce muscular tightness from postural habits. Following COVID 19, we have seen a huge number of clients who are working from home, sitting at make shift desks, often sitting for prolonged periods of time, this can lead to muscular fatigue. A sports massage helps to reduce the risk muscular fatigue by removing metabolic waste products from the tissue, helping to aid recovery and reduce postural stress on the muscle tissue.

GAIT analysis sessions help individuals to take a proactive approach to injury prevention. The way an individual walks can expose them to an increase risk of falls. Running styles can pre-dispose individuals to certain overuse injuries. GAIT analysis sessions are aimed to improve an individual’s walking and running style, helping them to reduce the risk of injury. A wide age range of patients access this service, with us seeing great improvements in balance and safer walking in elderly patients. Fall injuries are the 6th leading cause of death in the 75 and over population.  Improvements in balance, co-ordination and strength through GAIT analysis can help to reduce the risk of falling.

1-1 physio led personal training is a service that we are really excited to be able to provide.  1-1 Physio rehab sessions at the gym is good for strength and conditioning and also to achieve your own health and fitness goals.  Our priority is to support, motivate and guide you to reach and exceed your goals. We work with you to set specific, measurable and realistic goals, whether they be weight loss, fitness improvement, injury prevention or management.  Our personal trainers are physiotherapists so they know how to help you in the gym to achieve your health and fitness goals without the risk of injury and to ensure the appropriate support is there for you. 

The services above are all aimed at individuals who want to live a healthy lifestyle and have a proactive approach to pain and injury, busting the myth that only patients in pain will benefit from accessing Physiotherapy services.

Always remember prevention is better than cure.
Invest in your health and wellbeing, you won’t regret it.

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