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7 Simple ways to END BACK PAIN without taking Painkillers

  1. Avoid sitting on your wallet or anything in the back pocket
Sitting on a wallet or any object in your back pocket can cause your pelvis to tilt and become uneven and this can put stress on the lower back muscle. When you sit on a levelled platform and avoid sitting on one leg to minimise lower back pain.
  1. Daily lower back stretches
It is important to keep your back mobile/active by performing daily basic lower back stretches to minimise stiffness and pain especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle. We offer personalised lower back exercises to improve or maintain an active lifestyle.
  1. Use correct manual handling techniques when bending and lifting
Poor manual handling technique even when socialising with your children and you pick them up from the floor.  Make sure you bend your knees and keep your back in a neutral position. Remember your legs are bigger and stronger than you back so use them when lifting to minimise lower back strain.
  1. Minimise sleeping on the front on your stomach
When you sleep on your stomach you can put pressure on the lower back as your back will be in an arched position and not in a neutral position. The best sleeping position is the “foetal position” with a pillow between your legs for support and keep your spine aligned to reduce lower back tension.
  1. Avoid wearing uncomfortable type of footwear for prolonged periods.
Minimise wearing un-supported shoes such as sandals, high heels and fashion footwear may look good, but are not helpful when trying to protect your low back area. Consider wearing shoes that fasten tightly with plenty of heel and in-step support to reduce tensile forces to your lower back area.
  1. Try bespoke Orthotics if you have one leg slightly shorter than the other leg
Personalised orthotics are highly recommended than generic ones to give maximum support and comfort if you spend a lot time on your feet at work or running. If you have a leg length discrepancy which means one leg is slightly shorter then orthotics are highly recommended to minimise lower back pain. 
  1. Book a FREE 30 Minutes Consultation at T4 Physio to get tips more self-management tips
At T4 Physio we pride in educating our patients on what is actually wrong with them in words they understand and then explain the personalised treatment plan. The first session is FREE because we want to make sure YOU make the right decision if physiotherapy treatment is the best option for you.  Contact us today to book your FREE session on 01204 576804 or email info@t4physio.com.
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