From Flat out to work out!!

From Flat out to work out!!

Back pain is the largest single cause of disability in the UK, with lower back pain affecting around one-third of the UK adult population every year.  Lower back pain can be triggered by a variety of different factors, lifestyle choices and medical conditions.  Risk factors include sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, footwear choices, excess weight or sporting injuries are all possible contributing factors.  Whatever the cause of your lower back pain it should never be ignored, at T4 Physio we work with you to determine the underlying cause in order to treat the problem, alleviate the pain and help you to improve your mobility and quality of life.

Meet Adam
When Adam came to T4 Physio he could barely get himself off the floor, he was in chronic pain and had been taking very strong painkillers on a daily basis for 6 months.  Unable to work for 3 months Adam’s doctor advised that surgery was the only next step available.  At only 39 years old surgery was something that Adam wanted to avoid and this was why in March 2020 he came to T4 Physio and started to work with the T4 team.   

It has been a long journey with Adam and he continues to have ongoing physiotherapy.  Now on top of traditional physiotherapy sessions Adam is enjoying bespoke physio rehab with The T4 team, here Adam can strengthen any weaknesses in his body to avoid any future flare ups. 

Adam is now back to doing the things he loves and is happy that he has stopped taking chronic medication and he has reduced the risk of surgery.   He can walk his dog, go to the gym and is even back at spinning classes! 

How can you live with less back pain?

If you have back pain you will be glad to know you are not alone as we have treated a lot of clients with the same issue and they have fully recovered. Most of the clients do admit that they thought the pain would go away with painkillers and without treatment but the pain got worse and they got frustrated even more. Does this sound like you?  With you in mind, we have put together a Free Back Pain Report below to help you with your back pain.

Click here to download…/back-pain-advice-sheet/ Alternatively, Contact us today to book your FREE session on 01204 576804 or email the first session is FREE because we want to make sure YOU make the right decision if physiotherapy treatment is the best option for you

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