Overcoming Foot Pain On The Golf Course

Overcoming Foot Pain On The Golf Course

Group Of Golfers On The Golf Course

Golf is a sport that people love!

However, for some passionate golfers, a persistent and unwelcome companion has been spoiling their fun: foot pain.

Perhaps you’re one of them?

And you love the game, but you’ve found yourself dreading the discomfort that often strikes during or after your rounds.

The pain flares up on the back 9 holes, casting a shadow over what should be an enjoyable experience for you.

This article is dedicated to you if you’ve been held back by sore feet and ankles, affecting not only the frequency of your play but also your confidence in participating in club tournaments and golf trips with your buddies.

Let’s dive into the reasons behind golf-related foot pain, the common mistakes golfers make when dealing with it, and the natural, safe, and proven solutions to help you get back to pain-free golf.

Most Likely Reasons Golfers Get Foot Pain

Before we can tackle the problem of foot pain, it’s crucial to understand its root causes.

Golfers often experience foot pain due to several factors:

Poor Footwear Choices

Ill-fitting or inappropriate golf shoes can wreak havoc on your feet.

They don’t provide the necessary support and cushioning, and this could lead to your sore, aching feet.

To help you know what footwear is best, and what to avoid, we’ve put together a special report which you can download for free.

Simply click the link below to learn about The 13 Most Dangerous Footwear Issues.

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Overuse and Repetitive Movements

Golf requires a great deal of walking, which, when combined with the repetitive swinging of the club, can put excessive strain on your feet and ankles, especially during the back 9 holes.

And while some courses have golf buggies, you might not be able to get one at every course you visit.

Let’s face it too – it can be a bit embarrassing to need a golf buggy when all of your friends who are the same age are able to walk the course without having to worry about foot pain.

Incorrect Swing Mechanics

The final common cause of foot pain is poor golf swing mechanics.

How to swing affects the distribution of weight on your feet, leading to excessive pressure on a particular part of your foot, imbalances, and potential injuries.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Golfers Make Which Lead to More Foot Pain

Sadly, many golfers make the mistake of ignoring their foot pain or attempting quick fixes that don’t address the root cause. Here are the 3 most significant mistakes that wreck your time on the golf course:

Ignoring the Pain

Some golfers try to push through the pain, thinking it will magically disappear.

Or they take a few weeks away from the golf course, ignore the problem, and hope that it’s fixed itself when they tee off again.

But this rarely works, especially for those over 40 and beyond.

Age doesn’t mean you have to be in pain – that’s not what we’re saying.

But we are saying that injuries tend to need more specialized approaches as you age.

You can’t just sleep it off, rest a day or two, and fully recover like you might have been able to in your 20s.

Neglecting Proper Footwear

Investing in the right golf shoes is essential.

And while some golfers are happy to spend a small fortune on their clubs, they might neglect to get the right footwear or orthotic shoe insoles that they need for their feet – whether that’s to accommodate flat feet or high arches for example.

Failing to Seek Professional Help

Golfers often hesitate to consult professionals like the expert physiotherapists in our two Bolton physiotherapy clinics – Horwich and Kearsley.

Now, the good news.

There are effective, natural, and safe treatments to help you overcome foot pain and get back to enjoying golf more often:


Physiotherapists specialize in treating musculoskeletal issues, including foot and ankle problems.

And through targeted exercises and techniques, you can improve your foot’s strength, flexibility, and overall health through natural treatments.

Our experts can also provide valuable guidance on injury prevention, so when you fix your foot pain – it doesn’t come back!

Sports Massage

Sports massage is great for relieving muscle tension and improving circulation, which can greatly benefit golfers with foot pain.

Regular sports massages can keep your feet in top condition, and if your body is working better, you’ll find that your performance on the golf course improves too.


Custom-made orthotic shoe insoles can provide the support and alignment your feet need to withstand the rigors of golf.

These orthotics can correct imbalances, reduce pain, and improve your overall golf performance.

One thing many of our patients love about them is that they are so easy to use – simply pop them in your footwear and forget about them.

Speak To An Expert Physio For Free

As more and more people choose physiotherapy as a way to naturally treat their aches, pains, and injuries, demand at both our Bolton clinics is very high.

However, we do have a limited number of Free Telephone Consultations available (only 4 right now).

This gives you the chance to share your story with a leading physiotherapist, get personalised advice, and learn about the most effective treatments to get you playing more golf than ever before!

Simply call us on 01204 958950 or click here and complete the quick form online.

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